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    InsertsCoatings and Plating


    Wire thread insert is akind of new-style threaded fastener, which can accord with high precision internalthread, and its performance is superior to the thread formed by direct tapping.


    According to the size, wirethread insert can be divided into metric and imperial.

    螺纹护套按镀层分类为:无镀层,干性润滑剂涂层(二硫化钼),镀镉,Primer FreeTM,镀银。另外有染色,镀彩锌等钢丝螺套。

    According to the plating,wire thread insert can be divided into none plating, dry lubricant coating (molybdenumdisulfide), cadmium plating, Primer Free TM and silver plating. Besides, therestill have stained wire thread inserts and zinc plated wire thread inserts.


    Surface treatment is a surfaceprocess method that formed on the surface of substrate manually, which isdifferent from mechanical, physical and chemical properties of the substrate.The purpose of the surface treatment is to satisfy the corrosionresistance, abrasion resistance, decorative features, or other specialrequirements of the product.Formetal castings, the surface treatment method we more used commonly: mechanicalgrinding, chemical treatment, surface heat treatment, surface coating. Surfacetreatment is to clean, deburr, degrease, and descale the surface of work piece andso on.


    Cadmium Plated Wire Thread Inserts have stronger corrosion resistance, lubricity, wear resistance,electrical conductivity, electromagnetic and heat resistance. This kind of wirethread inserts are widely used in the aviation, marine and electronicsindustries.

    镀镉(Cd)螺套的表示方法是在钢丝螺套的标记后加上后缀镉的化学元素符号“-Cd” 如,“8×1.25×8-Cd”:公称直径为8mm、螺距为1.25mm、自由状态下圈数为8圈的镀镉钢丝螺套。

    Cadmium plated wire threadinserts’ marking method: add the chemical elements symbol”-Cd” to the behind ofwire thread inserts. For example:“8×1.25×8-Cd” Cadmium plated wire thread inserts of nominaldiameter 8mm、thread pitch 1.25mm and 8 cycles in free state.


    Silver PlatingWire Thread Inserts: the most important is the silver coating on the surface.The main role of the silver coating is to prevent corrosion, andcan be used as solid lubricant of fasteners.Silver may lose luster in the air, but can operate at 1600degrees Fahrenheit.Therefore, usingthe properties of its high temperature and lubrication, silver plated wire thread inserts can be used in the fasteners workingat high temperatures, in order to prevent the oxidation of bolts and nuts.

    Recommended toreduce galling of threads at high temperatures

    For use up to1200?F / 650°C

    MaterialSpecifications: QQ-S-365 / SAE AMS 2411 /EN2786 / DTD939

    Color: Silver White

    染色钢丝螺套:螺纹护套通常为不锈钢材料本色,有特殊要求的情况下涂色。ColorCoding Wire Thread Inserts: Wirethread inserts are stainless steel materials natural color usually, and paintin special conditions.

    Facilitatesverification of insert installation

    Allows forquick identification of similar size inserts

    Colors: red,green, blue and yellow

    In general allscrewlock inserts (imperial and metric dimensions) are supplied with a redcoloring in accordance with NASM21209.

    Colorings ofthe thread inserts for identification purpose according to customer specificrequirements are also available.


    Green: Free-Running Inserts


    Yellow: Cadmium plating Wire Thread Inserts

    Provides highcorrosion resistance

    Provideslubrication to prevent galling

    (Notrecommended for new designs due to its toxic nature)

    MaterialSpecifications: QQ-P-416 Type II / DEF STD 03-19


    Grey: DryFilm Lubricant Wire Thread Inserts

    Providesadditional lubrication in high friction applications

    Hightemperature resistance up to 400°F / 240°C

    Highlyrecommended with screwlock inserts

    Mildlycorrosion resistant

    MaterialSpecifications: MIL-L46010 / AS5272